ITIN: The Individual Taxpayer Identification Number

IMPORTANT UPDATE for ITIN HOLDERS: Some ITIN numbers will expire on Dec. 31, 2016. Learn about ITIN expiration dates and the renewal process here.

Ceiba is a leader in meeting the asset building needs of immigrants in Philadelphia. It is the only community organization in the City to provide help to people who apply for ITINs (Individual Tax Identification Numbers) and to do so as a Certifying Acceptance Agent.

The ITIN allows immigrants without Social Security numbers to file their taxes and more easily access some mainstream financial services like bank accounts. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services considers paying taxes “good moral character.” Undocumented parents of US born children need to present their tax returns as proof of income when their US citizen children apply for financial aid for higher education or for other government programs.

ITIN Assistance in Philadelphia 

Ceiba offers ITIN application assistance in Philadelphia every Monday. People in the Philadelphia area can call (215) 634-4846 to register for a Monday orientation session. Applicants must attend an orientation session before they can be scheduled for an individual appointment. For information about applying for your ITIN with Ceiba, read Ceiba's ITIN brochure.

Do you live outside of the Philadelphia area?

Please see the official IRS website to find ITIN application assistance near you. Avoid scams: You cannot apply for the ITIN online.  ITIN applications must be submitted with an income tax return. For additional information about the ITIN, download the IRS ITIN guide: Understanding Your IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number