Ceiba serves the community by being a strong advocate. Its advoacy activities are focused on promoting the economic development and financial inclusion of the Latino community and ensuring equal acces to quality housing for all.

Some of Ceiba's accomplishments in this area include:

  • Stopping the discriminatory lending practices against Latinos who secured auto loans from certain auto manufacturers
  • Securing significant institutional changes in the way that city government interacts with limited English proficient (LEP) people & business owners
  • Confronting discrimination against Latinos by some housing programs
  • Defending the economic rights of unauthorized immigrants
  • Fighting against the abuses of notaries, so called 'notarios', who defraud consumers with scams relating to tax preparation, immigrations services, and the unauthorized practice of law.

In 2009, Ceiba’s advocacy work was recognized with a Human Rights Award from The Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations.