Immigrant Family Builds Financial Literacy Skills

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Ceiba’s immigrant clients are building financial skills and stability through Ceiba’s asset building programs. Ms. V first filed her taxes with Ceiba using an ITIN. By the following year she had successfully applied for a U-Visa and Social Security card with the help of a free legal services agency. Ceiba then helped her file her taxes under her new Social Security number. Ceiba linked her with the Empowerment Group, who gave her advice about business formation and licensing for her existing house cleaning business and a potential produce business. Ceiba provided her with information about the Children’s Health Insurance Program and helped her resolve a sales tax dispute with an unscrupulous car dealer. In 2009 she enrolled in Ceiba’s homeownership IDA program. She reached her $2,000 savings goal in less than a year. By participating in Ceiba’s financial literacy and housing workshops and meeting regularly with Ceiba staff and housing counselors, Ms. V has learned how to budget, save and document her income. Ceiba looks forward to helping her achieve the goal of purchasing a home by the end of 2011.