Congratulations to Natasha, Ceiba's latest IDA Graduate!

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Congratulations to Natasha Duprey, Ceiba's latest IDA graduate!

Natasha enrolled in Ceiba's IDA matched savings program in January 2010. She worked with Ceiba's IDA coordinator and her housing counselor at Esperanza to create a budget and a savings plan to put her on the path to homeownership. Over the past two years Natasha saved over $2000 in her Trumark IDA savings account.

In March 2012, Natasha received $4000 in matching funds from the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Natahsa used her savings and the IDA matching funds to pay downpayment and closing costs on her first home. Today, Natasha and her family are painting the walls of their new home and are preparing to move in later this month.

Ceiba congratulates Natasha on her dedication and hard work!